Kipaku Kai is the brainchild of an adolescent Gabriel Peckham. While on a break from a vicious game of poker, Gabe asked Rusty Baily (an artist and graphic novel fan he had just met) if he had ever thought of doing a daily comic strip. He said he was interested in hearing about some ideas, so Gabe described an idea for a comic he had in California, circa 1982, when he was just 12 years old. Though Gabe never expected Rusty to seriously consider his childhood creation, he soon started drawing characters to fit the concept. Teaming with friend Ransom Edison, avid diver and comic book reader, they started developing the comic. Another friend, Dominic Kick, soon joined on as the colorist and web manager.

IMG_1367Gabriel Peckham – Creator/Writer

Gabriel had a wild imagination as a child. He thought it would be funny if there were a comic about a man being banished to the ocean as mutant sea monster. Now married and with a child of his own, he spends his days recreating the thoughts and images of his youth hoping that it is in some way therapeutic. In his spare time, he enjoys making biosenors for anthrax.

Rusty Baily – Artist

Rusty is a big kid, originally from Charlotte NC, he now enjoys taking his dog to the beaches of Hawaii. He loves to draw and also enjoys comics, movies, snorkeling, surfing and of course the Simpsons. If you like his pictures and think them pretty, let him know.

Ransom Edison – Writer/Colorist

With a past shrouded in clichés and self-serving references, Ransom Edison wandered the Pacific Rim for decades before washing up on the sands of Oahu.  He spends his hours deciphering English, hunting octopi, and crumpling paper.  His son aspires to become The Master of Time and Space, but his daughter has larger plans.

Dominic Kick – Colorist/Web

Dominic loves comics almost as much as he loves computers. Now, he combines both worlds by coloring the strip and broadcasting it on the World Wide Web, providing access to the masses! This strongly resonates with his belief in freedom of speech; a right he says doesn’t apply to his beagle. “Mowgli, ssshhh!”