Kipaku (to banish, exile, kick out) Kai (sea) is Jonah Kelly, an ambitious land developer with a chip on his shoulder. Growing up in Chicago, he knew little about Hawaii, the land of his birth, until a forced vacation banished Jonah from his corporate life. Reluctantly going with his wife to her family’s home on Oahu, he immersed himself in his father-in-law’s business. Then one morning, he woke up submerged in the ocean, transformed into a sea monster! Is he now banished to the sea?

Leilani Kelly– Jonah’s wife, a beautiful, strong-willed Native Hawaiian woman whose parents own a major construction firm on Oahu.

Glen (aka Humu)– A cynical, sharp-tongued Hawaiian triggerfish who pesters Kipaku about his human background and current predicament. His droll, sardonic comments aim to advise Kipaku but usually only irk him.

Auntie– A playful Monk Seal admired by other sea creatures for her wisdom and nurturing demeanor.

Niho (teeth)- A large and intimidating Tiger Shark who frequently crosses paths with Kipaku and takes pleasure in making him squirm.

The Doctopus– An expert on aquatic physiology and appearing out-of-nowhere when one least expects it.

Ray the ray (aka Rambling Ray)– An ocean “observer” with a unique perspective and colorful imagination.

The Three Sisters– Moray Eels credited with prophetic powers that live in a sunken Corsair fighter plane.

Lokono– A mysterious powerful mano (shark).

Jackson Aikanaka– A local rascal with business ties to Jonah’s in-laws.

Phil– A patient philosophical honu (sea turtle).

Sketch– An overly political rabble-rousing Goat Fish with a gift for oratory.